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what we’re looking for. 

As we mentioned in WHAT’S UP NEXT, we are looking for candidates that are young, diverse, and progressive. While we understand that some national or state issues might not always apply to local races, we want to ensure that candidates that we are supporting carry a certain set of values that align with our mission. Here’s what we are looking for:

  • Young (18 - 36)

    Our whole reason for doing this is to support young people to get into office. We can forgive you a year or two for the age cap, so don’t worry if you have a few more grey hairs.

  • People of color

    Aside from most people running for office being older, they are predominately white & male. While we will consider everyone that shows interest, we are particularly encouraging people of color to step up and run. If this is you, PLEASE STEP UP & RUN!

  • Working-Class Background

    The same cycle of the upper-echelon of society running for office and making decisions for working-class communities needs to stop. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it - working-class people need to have a seat at the table. Thank you, next.

  • Women

    As we said many times over, men predominately run the show when it comes to governing — this also has to change. Women outnumber men in the populace of our country, but hold such few positions of power. We’re changing that.


    The only way we will put a stop to discrimination is if we put people who want to put a stop to discrimination in positions to stop discrimination. (sorry for the run-on). We want to see more LGBTQ candidates run for office and get elected.

  • Religious Minorities

    The demographics of Texas is diverse, so is how we pray.


We know issues can fluctuate between regions, communities, etc., we so understand we might not agree on every single issue, and that is totally okay. But that doesn’t mean we will support just anyone. When we chat one-on-one, we’ll get to know candidates more and where they stand on a range of issues from economic to social and more. If we didn’t make it clear — we are looking for progressive candidates (sorry Republicans!) to support. We are not anti-anything or anyone, we are pro-for the people and pro-helping everyone, regardless of who you are.

There isn’t a specific mix of the above traits that we are looking for. We are looking for any and all that want to run — as long as they are within our target age range and stand by progressive values. The above is there to let anyone who fits those traits know that we want to talk to them if they want to run for office. So if you’re interested, slightly curious, hesitant but open to it, kind of ehh — fill out the form anyways and let’s chat.